My top 5 blog posts!!

Hello my lovely readers and friends!!!

Since, I was going to share my top 5 blog post, it made me super confused to choose them like wise or view wise. Then I decided when people visit your blog they obviously want to see the content first.

The see the topic which attracts then and they might find interest in certain post that is why they click on the link to read the blog.

So I’m going to share the top 5 post by giving prioritizing views. Let’s check them out.

The most loved post was

Get ready with me- For an Indian Engagement ceremony

Every day makeup look- Non dramatic!

“An idea for Monsoon night out attire!!
Monsoon night out attire

“A nude glowy makeup look!!

Branded and affordable Foundations under Rs.500/-

I hope you all will keep loving me and my work like this.

Your unconditional support keeps me motivated for all my upcoming posts.

Lots of love to you all, Stay tuned!

Keep smiling!! 🙂

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